EireXpress - About us

How it all started..

EireXpress is a friendly, family-run campervan business and because of this structure it's a very sound company.
The company was founded by Evert van Veenendaal after he moved to Ireland in 2008. He also brought his own private campervan along.
The freedom, flexibility and joy of a campervan holiday is something he wanted to share with others.

The idea of renting out his campervan at a reasonable price was researched.
Very soon it showed there was great interest for renting motorhomes in Ireland and the decision was made in 2009 to set up a campervan company by the name of EireXpress. The private campervan was exchanged for a newer model and more campervans were purchased. Since then, the campervan fleet has been continuously renewed and expanded, offering excellent quality, comfortable motorhomes at affordable rates.

For the 2023 season we have 3 beautiful campervans available, i.e. a luxery Carado T135 and two (smaller) Sunlight V66 campervans
In addition to the EireXpress partner, a number of other staff members are employed in Ireland on a part-time basis.
As a result of this, the continuity of the business is guaranteed with no risk to the customer.


Evert van Veenendaal

  1. Officially registered
    EireXpress is operating as Sole Trader Company and registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

  2. Maintenance and insurance:
    The motorhomes are modern, high-quality, well-maintained and fully equipped ready for a carefree holiday from our location in Ireland.
    A fully comprehensive insurance is provided and a company membership with the ANWB (road assistance) ensures that you can travel safely with our campervans.

  3. Personal touch and flexible.
    Because we work with a small team, we provide very flexible and efficient service, taking your personal wishes into account.

  4. All-inclusive rental rates:
    We distinguish ourselves from other rental companies by offering competitive ALL-INCLUSIVE rates. This means that, apart from the costs for the trip to Ireland, no further additional costs will be charged to you. The rates listed on our website include:
    - transfer from the airport in south or west Ireland (excluding Dublin) to our location at the Dingle peninsula.
    - use of duvets, linen, towels, kitchen linen
    - all kitchen equipment
    - camping furniture, navigator, maps, travel guides, etc.
    - unlimited kilometers

  5. Left hand drive:
    We rent out Dutch-licensed campervans in Ireland, so they are left-handed. Practice has shown that this has great advantages when driving on narrow roads in Ireland with left-side traffic. Partly because of this, our hirers have hardly experienced any major damage to the campervans.

  6. What else?
    Are you up for an adventure? Rent a motorhome in Ireland with EireXpress and enjoy an unforgettable, fun-filled camper holiday with the whole family. Discover the beauty, the mystic, the space and the silence of this beautiful green island together. Feel free to call or email us, we are happy to help.